The Secret of Irresistible Website Content Ideas

The Secret of Irresistible Website Content IdeasYou’re staring at the screen, checking the clock, gazing out the window, looking at that new email or social media notification … and thinking … and thinking.

You’re starting to bore yourself in an effort to come up with a hit content idea for your website. How are you supposed to come up with one that excites your readers?

Trust me: as marketers, writers and really any content creators, we’ve all been there.

Thankfully, it’s easier than you think to generate irresistible website content ideas.

Get Rid of Dull Content Ideas Once and For All

You need content that interests your audience.

Whether you sell a product or a service, and no matter what industry you serve; anything that helps your audience interests your audience.

Come up with content ideas that solve problems for your customers, and potential customers, and you’ve got irresistible content.

You’re probably thinking: I already knew that. That’s no secret!

Before you click away in a huff, that was the “what,” not the “how.”

Read on to discover a method for generating specific content ideas that will intrigue and inform your customers every time.

Here Is a 4-Step Method for Generating Irresistible Content Ideas

This method for coming up with content ideas that your audience can’t resist begins at the end.

  1. Imagine the end result for your audience without getting your help. Visualize the struggles that they will encounter if they don’t use your product or service.

    Picture the pain they’ll experience, and maybe you’ve experienced, before discovering your solution.

  2. Once you see their struggles in your mind, recreate that suffering in your content.Your readers will relate to the experience you’ve presented, will want to avoid that scenario and will look forward to discovering your solution.
  3. Outline the solution in your content.

    Tell the readers what they can do to prevent the pain or fix an existing problem.

    If they need more help than your article can provide, let them know the options available if they become a customer. This is a great place to link to success-story case studies.

  4. Repeat for all of your products and services and for the multiple pain points caused by not using each one.

There’s More Than One Way to Use This Method

For a new take on this method, repeat the process by imagining your happy customers, or your own happiness, after discovering your solution.

Does your product or service save time? Share the story of a customer who was able to spend more time with his family because of your help.

Use the Power of Imagination

Of course you know not to make things up, but picturing a scenario in your mind of your audience’s struggles, then recreating that scenario with your day- or life-saving solution will pay off in endless, irresistible content ideas that educate and intrigue your readers.

Do you have any other ideas for generating irresistible content? Share ‘em in the comments below!

Photo used in modified image thanks to Strevo under a Creative Commons license.

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