How to Find the Best Content Marketing Brands – 3 Tips

How to find the best content marketing brandsWork’s crazy.

Your business is growing, you’re running meetings, managing the budget, managing people – and managing marketing functions. Whew!

Now, you need to ramp up content marketing initiatives.

You know that you need outside help and have to find the right contractor for the job.

How do you do that?

Read on to discover how to find the best content marketing brands to help with your content strategy and creation.

1. Look for Proof of Current Content Marketing Education

The best content marketing brands keep up with content marketing industry news and skills.

When evaluating a content marketing service, look for up-to-date certifications from top brands that demonstrate keeping up with current industry information.

Online marketing constantly changes as Internet users adapt to rapidly evolving technology. Search engines then adapt to new the online search styles of those users. For instance, Google completely rewrote its search algorithm (called Hummingbird) in 2013 to provide a better searching experience by understanding the intent behind a search query rather than just the words entered.

Content marketers need to keep up with these changes, and certifications offer a way to do so while offering proof to potential customers.

For example, Copyblogger offers a Content Marketing Certification that remains up to date by requiring graduates to maintain membership in its online education program, Authority.

Certifications like these also prove that marketers for the best content marketing brands have learned necessary skills, like content strategy and SEO copywriting.

Also, ask what Internet marketing news and information resources they use.

At a minimum, they should follow Search Engine Land and its sister site Marketing Land.

For your reference, here’s a list of top Internet marketing resources.

2. Make Sure There’s an Internet Marketing Blog – and Read It!

Don’t hire a company to do your content marketing if it doesn’t have its own well-executed Internet marketing blog.

If you’re going to have a company help with your content marketing, that company should be doing their own content marketing – and doing it well.

Read the content marketing brand’s blog for evidence that the company can write well, communicate effectively, produce quality images and knows their stuff.

The blog should demonstrate quality content in how well it’s written and demonstrate knowledge of Internet marketing in the topics covered.

The best content marketing brands inform and entertain their audience with their blog.

Also, check out the rest of the site to make sure the brand has other content marketing offers like ebooks and courses. That will prove that they can do the same for you.

3. Has the Content Marketing Brand Built Solid Relationships?

Relationship-building is a key aspect of Internet marketing and the best content marketing brands have built relationships with their clients, audience and industry professionals.

If a content marketing brand can’t build its own relationships, how will it build relationships for your brand?

The evidence of strong relationship-building skills?

  • Client testimonials: If a content marketing brand has done excellent work, that should be evidenced in testimonials on the site. Testimonials show that not only was the output great, but that the business was pleasant to work with.
  • Social proof: Check blog posts for social share numbers, visit the content marketing brand’s social media accounts (it has them, right?), look for email subscriber numbers. When checking social accounts, don’t just look at quantity of the connections, but quality. Has the business built relationships with recognized authorities in the content marketing industry? Is the brand reaching their target audience? If so, the content marketing company can do the same for your brand.
  • Forums: Does the content marketing brand you’re evaluating participate in forums, answering industry-related questions? Even better, is the brand running a forum where the brand itself facilitates content marketing industry discussions?

The best content marketing brands know that they can’t exist in a silo. They make industry connections, interact on social media and join – or facilitate – in-depth discussions.

Choose the Best Content Marketing Brand for Your Business

Now that you’re armed with some tips for finding the best content marketing brands, go forth and find the right one for your brand.

There are a lot of great ones out there, though, that do keep up with content marketing skills, produce an outstanding Internet marketing blog and build amazing relationships.

What do you do then?

Check out the brand’s unique style and go with your gut. Which brand voice do you like the best? Which one writes the content that resonates with you the most? Don’t be afraid to pick one, try it out, and repeat.

After all, that’s the most effective content marketing method: create, test, refine, repeat!

What other methods do you have to find the best content marketing brands? Please share in the comments below!

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