How to Conduct an Influencer Audit in 3 Steps

With Bonus Influencer Inventory Template!

conduct an influencer auditYou may not realize it, but you’re probably wasting valuable resources every day – right now, even.

You’re a smart business person, so that thought probably put a furrow in your brow.

You would never intentionally waste any resources, let alone extremely valuable ones.

How is this happening?

Do you spend time each day trying to think of industry experts to reach out to for quotes in your content?

Every time you seek out guest posting opportunities, are you scouring the Internet or your social connections for someone to reach out to?

Repeating those tasks is wasting your time and might make you miss out on the right expert for the job.

Stop wasting time or missing out on opportunities. Conduct an Influencer Audit as soon as possible.

1. Download the Influencer Inventory Spreadsheet or Create One of Your Own

You can copy and/or download the Influencer Inventory spreadsheet template that I created, which also includes Guest Posts Written and Guest Posts Received tabs, or you can create one of your own.

Here’s where you’ll keep track of influencer name, company, topic, your relationship, their Twitter follower numbers and anything else you’d like to know for future reference.

I know, it seems a bit like keeping racecards for people instead of horses, but it’s just a way to help you organize the relationships that you’ve put time and effort fostering in the past.

Not creepy at all, I swear. My influencer trading card collection, however …

2. Mine Your Social Media Accounts

Now that you have a way to keep track of everyone, it’s time to check out your social accounts to see who you’re already connected with.

This can be a painstaking process, but it’s worth the time and effort now to keep from having to do it a bazillion more times in the future.

There are tools to make this process easier.

LinkedIn lets you download your contact database.

Moz’s followerwonk is free and can help you plow through your Twitter connections. If you get a paid account, you can add search filters.

Here’s what a free search of my Twitter account looks like with the word “moz” in Twitter profiles.

Moz followerwonk

So, there are some tools to help you out, but it’s still a long process.

As you go through your social media relationships, enter any influencers whom you’d like to connect with for content creation into your Influencer Inventory.

Once that’s complete, you’ll just add new connections as you make them so you’ll never have to go through this again. J

3. Reach Out to Influencers and Enjoy!

Once you’ve entered all of your influencers into the document, you can put it to use!

You can sort the spreadsheet by topic, company and anything else that you’ve included to efficiently find the right experts for your content, contacts for companies that you’d like to blog for, etc.

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Influencer Inventory Document


You’ll never have to waste time again searching online or through your contacts for influential experts.

Now, you just have to remember to occasionally update your Influencer Inventory document with current company information, contact information and anything else that changes.

If you don’t want to make this a regular task, just check your influencers right before you reach out to them to make sure their information is up to date.

Do you have any other methods for conducting an influencer audit or tools that can help? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Photo credit: Top modified public domain image illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson. Provided by MCAD Library under Creative Commons license.

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