False Marshmallowing: Product Should Deliver on Marketing Promise

Here’s an atrocious marketing gaffe. I bought this Friendly’s Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl ice cream with the idea that there would be giant swirls of marshmallow in it.

Where would I get that idea?

Friendly's package marketing promises a lot of marshmallow

I was dismayed to find this inside:

Friendly's Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl doesn't deliver marshmallow promised on package

No, I was dismayed by what I didn’t find inside.

There only a hint of marshmallow in this Friendly's ice cream despite marketing appearance on packageWhere’s the marshmallow!? Where are the giant gobs of heavenly marshmallow that the package portrayed? If you look carefully, you can see some very thin swirls in there. I enlarged a section of it that appears in the above photo on the right.

This makes me wonder: Has it always been this way or is it a sign of the hard economic times? Did Friendly’s used to have a utopia of marshmallowy goodness that’s depleted with their budget? Or have they always gotten away with lying on the box? Or was my carton of ice cream a fluke?

Although the packaging convinced me to buy the product, I was deceived into buying a product I didn’t want. Granted, chocolate ice cream with a tinge of marshmallow is still delicious and won’t go to waste, but I was craving some serious marshmallow.

Not only will I not buy this product again – unless Friendly’s can convince me they’ve changed their ways – but I won’t be able to trust any Friendly’s packaging in the future.

And an added negative effect of this false advertising is that I’m outing them on the Internet – to my multitude of devoted fans (aka Kristyn LeBlanc – but she’s fierce) no less!

Copywriting Confusion: Naturally, I’m Confused

I ran out of my favorite bars to eat every morning at work, so I swung into CVS for new ones. Well, they don’t carry my chewy peanut butter flavored Sunbelts so I settled for whatever chewy peanut butter bar I could find.

That happened to be this box of SnackWell’s:

SnackWell's box has confusing copywriting

OK, I’m checkin’ it out in my head: Hmm…SnackWell’s, eh, OK, whatever…Peanut Butter, yup, that’s what I want…Natural flavor with other natural flavor…ooo, 8gs of protein… Wait, wha-wha-what!? Did I read that right? *rereads* (probably aloud to be sure) “Natural flavor with other natural flavor!”


SnackWell's confusing copywriting says "Natural flavor with other natural flavor"

Natural flavor on packaging is confusing enough! Now there’s other natural flavor to wonder about?

All I can think about is tasting a bite, and musing aloud in a British accent, “Mmm, yeees. I taste a natural flavor …” *rolls it around on pallet, head and eyes tilted upward* “with just a hint of … what is it, exactly?” *deep, thoughtful expression and finger on chin* “Oh, yes, of course … other natural flavor.”

This is ridiculous!

So, NATURALLY, I had to buy it 1. to try this abundance of natural flavor and 2. to share this marketing quandary with others.

The flavor’s eh to me. I prefer my Sunbelts so I’ll stick to ’em when I can.

The marketing, however, is outrageous! I’m hoping this was a mistake – like they accidentally printed the filler text, forgetting to enter in what it’s actually supposed to say.

If the language in this marketing content is intentional, I don’t know what they’re trying to say and I don’t think any of their customers do either.

If you know what this means, please share!