You Have a Bad LinkedIn Photo When …

Not to insult any readers, but if your LinkedIn photo contains any of the following, you need to change it ASAP!

To all other readers, good job! You can have a laugh at everyone else’s expense – and share other LinkedIn profile photo horror shows I may have missed.

The following come from actual profile photos I’ve seen on LinkedIn:

  1. Unless you’re running from the law, don’t use this as your LinkedIn profile picture.

    You’re using the LinkedIn icon: You’re either a serial killer, lazy or scary looking.

  2. You’re laying back at the desk with your hands behind your head: This says “I’m lazy and will waste company time” to any potential employers – and your current employer!
  3. You’re wearing sunglasses: Do you wear sunglasses at work? Do you need prescription sunglasses on at all times? If not, you look shady.
  4. It’s a photo of the back of your head: I don’t think this one requires an explanation.
  5. You’re really far away: This might make potential employers wonder why you don’t want to be seen. It also makes it hard for potential connections to tell if you’re the “John Smith” they know or some other “John Smith”.
  6. You’re blurry or the photo’s really dark: Combined with everything from #4, this makes people think you either can’t take a photo, don’t have someone to take a decent photo or you don’t care about how you appear to them.
  7. You’re not the only one in the photo: Don’t confuse everyone about which one’s really you. You also need to showcase yourself and prove that you’re independent.
  8. You obviously cropped someone else out: If it’s obvious you’ve cropped someone out of your photo, it just makes you look ridiculous – even if it’s an awesome picture of yourself.
  9. You look like you’re from a different era: Your photo should reflect how you look now. You don’t want to deceive anyone about your appearance or they’ll be shocked when they actually meet you.
  10. There are two of you in one photo: I swear, I just saw this on LI! No joke! A very competent, friendly looking professional had the 80 x 80 px space split in half with full-body shots of her doing two different things in each one. (I guess that’s better than two duplicate shots?) Anyway, what’s up with that? It’s just bizarre.

Of course, there are exceptions to some of these, like reflecting your professional talent in the image. You kind of expect photographers and graphic designers to do something different and interesting. For example, I saw a photo I really like of a video technician, whose photo was of him on a TV screen taking video of something else. It’s professionally and creatively done to reflect his skill and what he does.

For the rest of us, it’s best to have a forward-facing, friendly, professional, clear LinkedIn photo for our employer, potential employers, co-workers and colleagues to find.

Now, I’ll turn it over to you! I know there are bad LinkedIn photos, so what have I missed? Share in the comments below!


OMG! I’m Blog Editor for

I don’t know if I’ve flown over the rainbow or the cuckoo’s nest. I’ve either just landed the job of my dreams or lost my mind.

I’m pretty sure I’m the new Blog Editor for the SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting blog. At least that’s what it says on this page.

Just like after having sex for the first time (not that I’d know, mom) and after turning 30, I feel like I need to run to the mirror to see if I look any different. Do I look more mature? More awesome?

If this is real, Heather Lloyd-Martin is probably starting to regret that decision right about now.

Anyway, I’ve followed everything Heather has to say since diving into the Internet marketing world, even including her on my list of top five Internet marketing resources. She specializes in SEO copywriting, of course, and content marketing.

Over the summer, I took her SEO Copywriting Certification Training, which lays out every step in the SEO content creation process, including competitor analysis, keyword research and more. I highly recommend this comprehensive course. She even conducts conference calls with other industry experts for her students and makes herself available to answer any questions they have throughout the course. (I know, because I was annoying – I mean, extremely engaged).

I’m a few weeks into the new gig and loving it!

  • I edit all blog posts for the site, as the title suggests
  • I write Q&A’s with industry experts. Check out Tuesday’s Q&A with Brookstone SEO Copy Manager (and former boss) Richard Hostler as he discusses in-house SEO copywriting. I’ve got another one coming up in November with Pam Slim, of Escape From Cubicle Nation fame, on leaving your in-house gig to start a freelance business, so stay tuned for that, too.
  • I write the SEO Content Marketing Roundup. This is a compilation of expert articles from around the Web. Check ’em out on Wednesdays. (Changes coming soon!)
  • I reach out to guest authors and coordinate the content calendar. We have stellar, expert guest authors – and I’m the lucky gal who gets to communicate with them! Content strategist and B2B copywriter Courtney Ramirez contributes regularly. Founder and CEO of Portent Ian Lurie will have a post for us in a couple weeks, and Magnitude Media Founder Leslie Poston, author of Social Media Metrics for Dummies, is up in November. (If you’re awesome and want to write a guest post, give me a shout! tracy at seocopywriting dot com)

Heather’s just as helpful an employer as she is a teacher, and I’m getting paid to work on a site that I spent all of my time on for free anyway.

The trick to achieving your dreams? Keep on workin’ hard, reachin’ out and helpin’ others, peeps!

I’ve Finally Finished Designing and Developing!

Homepage image of Tracy Mallette's website

Here’s a screenshot of the homepage. I recently pulled an all-nighter to finish designing and developing the website.

I finally did it!

Although the website’s been up for more than a year now, redirecting to my resume page, I’ve finally completed the design and built the darn thing!

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