How to Conduct an Influencer Audit in 3 Steps

With Bonus Influencer Inventory Template!

conduct an influencer auditYou may not realize it, but you’re probably wasting valuable resources every day – right now, even.

You’re a smart business person, so that thought probably put a furrow in your brow.

You would never intentionally waste any resources, let alone extremely valuable ones.

How is this happening?

Do you spend time each day trying to think of industry experts to reach out to for quotes in your content?

Every time you seek out guest posting opportunities, are you scouring the Internet or your social connections for someone to reach out to?

Repeating those tasks is wasting your time and might make you miss out on the right expert for the job.

Stop wasting time or missing out on opportunities. Conduct an Influencer Audit as soon as possible.

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What is Content Strategy? (+ Why You Need One)

What is content strategy and why do you need one?You’ve been cruising along with your business strategy and your marketing strategy.

But now the buzz is you need a content strategy.

You’re thinking: Wait, content is part of my marketing strategy. Now, content needs its own strategy? What’s next, I’m going to need a cat-wrangling strategy?

Honestly, I wouldn’t try wrangling cats without one – but that’s a futile task anyway.

Content strategies, however, are not futile.

Sorry to advocate yet another obnoxious strategy – but implementing a content strategy really will help you in the long run.

I know, I know. It’s like getting your cat vaccinated. It’s a pain wrangling her, getting her there and sustaining cat-wrangling-related injuries, but it saves you the hassle of dealing with rabies later.

What is Content Strategy?

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How to Find the Best Content Marketing Brands – 3 Tips

How to find the best content marketing brandsWork’s crazy.

Your business is growing, you’re running meetings, managing the budget, managing people – and managing marketing functions. Whew!

Now, you need to ramp up content marketing initiatives.

You know that you need outside help and have to find the right contractor for the job.

How do you do that?

Read on to discover how to find the best content marketing brands to help with your content strategy and creation.

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