How a Guest-Blogging Strategy Can Double Your Subscriber List

A guest-blogging strategy should be part of your content strategy.

Why Is Guest-Blogging Valuable?

Guest blogging builds links back to your website and builds your audience.

Link Building Helps You Rank Well in Search

guest-blogging strategyGuest blogging improves your website’s SEO by building valuable links from authoritative sites that point back to your site – part of what’s called a link-building strategy.

Oy – strategy within strategy within strategy.

(If you’re a nerd like me, you’re probably having flashbacks to Frank Herbert’s description of Fremen eyeballs: blue within blue within blue. We get it; they have blue eyes – and online marketing requires a lot of strategy.)

Anyway, Google views links to your site as proof of your worth and uses those links as a factor when determining page rank in search results.

You want a lot of authoritative sites in your industry linking to you.

You accomplish this by:

  • linking to valuable content on your site within your guest posts (make sure you read the guest-blogging guidelines for any restrictions on this) and
  • writing a killer Author Bio that appears at the end of your post. Your author bio should link back to your website – and preferably to an email signup page.

Which brings us to our next guest-blogging benefit.

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How to Create Buyer Personas in 4 Steps

How to Create Buyer PersonasIf you’re reading this post, you probably know that buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer.

You probably also know they’re important because they humanize your demographics without pinpointing one specific existing customer.

Not only are buyer personas important, I’d venture to say that personas are the most important factor in business success.

Your personas should inform everything you do in business.

OK, now you’re probably thinking: Yes, that’s why I’m reading this. I’m tasked with creating buyer personas and just need to know how to do it.

Let’s get right down to it.

Develop accurate and effective personas in 4 steps.

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How to Conduct an Influencer Audit in 3 Steps

With Bonus Influencer Inventory Template!

conduct an influencer auditYou may not realize it, but you’re probably wasting valuable resources every day – right now, even.

You’re a smart business person, so that thought probably put a furrow in your brow.

You would never intentionally waste any resources, let alone extremely valuable ones.

How is this happening?

Do you spend time each day trying to think of industry experts to reach out to for quotes in your content?

Every time you seek out guest posting opportunities, are you scouring the Internet or your social connections for someone to reach out to?

Repeating those tasks is wasting your time and might make you miss out on the right expert for the job.

Stop wasting time or missing out on opportunities. Conduct an Influencer Audit as soon as possible.

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