5 Content Creation Tips from Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister Content Tips

This beautiful artwork representing Cersei Lannister was created by AkumA-die under a Creative Commons license.

OK, I’ve combined your two great loves: content creation and Cersei Lannister. (Come on, you know she’s secretly your favorite Game of Thrones character.)

So, here they are. Read on for content creation tips from the Queen of Mean (sorry, you’ve been dethroned Leona Helmsley), Cersei Lannister.

1. Keep It In the Family (But Not Always)

I’m not saying mate with your siblings, but if you need expert advice to flesh out your content, ask your own in-house experts.

Better yet, find out which employees in your company actually have an interest in writing, photography, video, etc. and give them the opportunity to use those hobbies creating authentic content at work. You get content that your readers love and your co-workers get to do something that they love. Share the love – in a non-icky way.

When shouldn’t you keep it in the family? Well, childbearing for one. But in content creation, if your in-house experts are too busy doing, you know, their actual jobs, or if you don’t have a writer, content strategist, video producer or others necessary to whip up the quality content you need, it’s best to look for outside help.

For example, while Jaime Lannister was out getting captured, Cersei hooked up with … oh, nevermind. (Mild spoiler: Let’s just say that Cersei’s wishing she’d looked for outside help right about now.)


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