Top 5 Internet Marketing Resources

I commonly use the following sentence in job application cover letters: I’m constantly learning in order to keep up with the Internet marketing industry.

This leads hiring managers to ask what sources I use to keep up with online marketing.

Because they are useful for others in the industry and for all companies to improve B2B and B2C inbound marketing efforts, here are my top five resources for Internet marketing information. Most of these industry authorities sell products and services, but all of them offer an abundance of high-quality content for free.

  • Copyblogger: A content marketing essential, Copyblogger is the ultimate guide for creating quality, optimized blog content. The site offers free online content tutorials, blogs on blogging and an Internet Marketing for Smart People course. This content-marketing software company has positioned itself as a hub of Internet-writing information that potential clients seek out and share. This should be the goal of every business.
  • Search Engine Land: Search Engine Land is the go-to source for Internet-industry news. Subscribe to the SearchCap: The Day in Search newsletter to receive the latest articles from their site, their sister site Marketing Land, as well as news they’ve gathered from around the Web that includes SEM, SEO, link building and more. One of my favorite tools is
    The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors.
  • Moz (formerly SEOmoz): More than a marketing software company, Moz has built a community* around its brand and even has stats for the Top Moz Community Members. The Moz team is always coming up with cool new marketing initiatives to bring its “Mozzers” together, like the MozCation Meetups. (I attended the Portsmouth event, which you can
    see on Livestream.) The marketing company gives out a ton of free industry information. Sign up for the free Moz Top 10 email newsletter for a roundup of news from around the Web.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: This one’s a no-brainer. As the most popular search engine, everyone should take advantage of Google’s free Webmaster Tools that include a Webmaster Academy to teach you how to write and build websites that please search engines. Connect your website for analytics information, such as crawl errors, search queries, links to your site and more. Also, check out Google’s blog.
  • SuccessWorks: One-woman powerhouse Heather Lloyd-Martin (@heatherlloyd) has marketed her SEO copywriting business so well that I actually thought the name of her company was SEO Copywriter; a more forgivable faux pas considering her website is To me, she’s synonymous with this term because she promotes herself by giving free advice in the form of quality, search optimized articles, blog posts and newsletter content. This content is not only a testament to Heather’s SEO copywriting skills, but is extremely helpful. It makes you want to take her SEO Copywriting Certification course – I’m taking it now.

I hope these Web resources help you in your online marketing initiatives. Please share others in the comment section below!

*Speaking of one-woman powerhouses, friend and high school classmate Joanna Lord was instrumental in helping to build the Moz community. She announced on her blog that she’s leaving the company to pursue her dreams. Congratulations on taking this leap, Joanna, and on your new adventures to come. You’re an inspiration.

Healing the World – My Self at a Time

strength bracelet

My sister, Amy Doyle, makes these inspirational bracelets.

Since leaving journalism, I’ve felt empty.

My newspaper career fulfilled a personal need to contribute to society and make the world a better place. Since leaving the news industry, I’ve embarked on a personal growth journey.

I’ve signed up to volunteer with Bridges, a local organization dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Training isn’t until June, so I’ve been trying to fill my spirit in other ways. Returning to my childhood love of meditation, I signed up for a transformational meditation meetup organized by the wonderful Sandy Snay, who runs The Mind and Body Center of Hypnosis, Massage & Reiki in Nashua, N.H.

Sandy performed a live, guided meditation called Self Awareness and Freedom from Fear and the Unknown. She also gave us a copy to take home. Part of the meditation involves visualizing a difficult time in your childhood and telling your childhood self that it’s OK and you love her, then guiding her to join you in the present.

Everyone should try this meditation. Although emotional, this process truly helps you heal yourself.

You don’t have to go back to your childhood. Pick any painful time in your life, and assure your past self that you can make it. Next, I’m planning to perform this meditation on the part of myself that still works in the newsroom.

Now I’m grateful that my victim advocacy training isn’t until June, because I realize that I should heal myself before attempting to help others.

Thank you for reading, and please share your own self-healing experiences in the comments below.