Blast! Starting Over Again – Again. Online Marketers Get Laid Off, Too

It’s been a whirlwind year.

Since starting this blog, I’ve come full circle and find myself starting over again.

I busted onto the marketing scene as a Marketing Coordinator for web-based companies Franchise Solutions and Time flies when you’re learning a new career!

Starting over was scary, but, thankfully, my writing and editing skills helped, and building HTML emails was easy since I’d taught myself HTML.

I enjoyed learning social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, creating banners in Photoshop and all the other tasks my position required. OK, not ALL the tasks. I fiercely dislike coordinating trade shows, but I pulled it off for every show. It’s all learning, and I’m a better me after every experience.

Oh, and before you seasoned industry professionals (hopefully there’s at least one out there who stumbled on this blog post) get all up on me about “learning social media marketing and SEO in one year” – I know I’m just getting started and have a long way to go. So stop freaking out. The great thing about Internet marketing is you have to keep learning and evolving in order to keep up. I recommend the Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal newsletters.

After a year, I was psyched to land an SEO Copywriter position at Brookstone.

I conducted keyword research to name products and write search engine optimized copy for product and category pages on This was my dream job because it combined my new online marketing skills with my passion for writing – and all for a well-known retail company that I love.

After all the hard work, my new career was taking off, and I was proud of my accomplishments.

This is a really hard post to write.

After two months in my new position – the holiday season – the company had mass layoffs, and my position was cut.

Again, I find myself laid off and starting over.

But, even though things turned out this way, I don’t regret taking the risk of trying to move up. One of my favorite accomplishments was writing the copy for Bathrobes for Kids, including the meta description, causing its position to move from page 2 in Google search to page 1. (Of course, search engines are fickle and competitors can change their pages so it could eventually fall off, but at least it made it there for now.)

Bathrobes for Kids is now on page 1 in Google search.

Bathrobes for Kids moved from page 2 in Google to page 1 after I wrote seo copy.

I’ve grieved again, reread my post on how to find a job post-layoff, brushed my shoulders off and continue this journey.

Thanks for reading, and please share your own inspiring job-seeker stories or advice.

Note: Thanks to for the free hand-drawn-circle Photoshop brushes used in this image!