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Content Tips from the Newsroom media law excerptToday, I’m sharing an excerpt from my free Content Tips from the Newsroom course.

The following information on privacy comes from the first course tip: media law.

This is just one section of the media law tip, which also includes information on copyright, libel and slander.

Content Tips from the Newsroom Excerpt


As a business owner or employee, you’re familiar with, or at least aware of, NDAs – information shared with you that you agree not to share with anyone else. Simple.

When you become a publisher, you need to know what else you can’t share that wasn’t covered by your signature on a legal document.

Here’s one example shared by The Associated Press:

In another case, a newspaper photographer in search of a picture to illustrate a hot weather story took a picture of a woman sitting on her front porch. She wore a house dress, her hair in curlers, her feet in thong sandals. The picture was taken from a car parked across the street from the woman’s home. She sued, charging invasion of privacy by intrusion upon seclusion and public disclosure of private facts. A court, denying the newspaper’s motion for dismissal of the suit, said the scene photographed “was not a particularly newsworthy incident,” and the limits of decency were exceeded by “surreptitious” taking and publishing of pictures “in an embarrassing pose.”

The above example is something to be aware of now that photo sharing sites like Flickr are popular to help supplement blog content.

There are a lot of issues surrounding the topic of privacy that I can’t cover here, so do your research. Most of all, you’re smart, so use good judgment and ask yourself if what you’re about to publish would bother you if someone else were posting it about you.

Also, remember, everyone loves a cute kid, but never use photographs or quotes from children without getting parental permission first.

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