A Career In a New Marketing Era Begins

I never thought I’d be one of those journalists who “sells out” to the Dark Side by switching to a marketing or public relations career.

I love newspapers and the important purpose they serve (we don’t do it for the money!) and I always wanted to be a part of that. Disseminating the news was a true passion, and the state of the newspaper industry drives me mad – and sad. Mostly sad.

I knew I needed to find something else before I was laid off. There’s just no way I could afford a house and family on a copy editor’s salary. Maybe if I waited around another ten years to become an editor, and hoped the furloughs stopped, I could afford those things, but who has that kinda time!? And that kinda hope!?

And so, with my newspaper days and dreams past, I’m on to a new adventure in marketing land.

Yay for Quality Content!

OK, for all my pious attitude toward marketing, it’s actually not that bad.

My journalism skills are highly sought in the marketing world as content marketing, brand storytelling and the like become more popular – and necessary – to every company’s ever-evolving SEO marketing strategy since changes to Google’s search algorithm makes great content critical.

As I write, Content Marketing World 2012 is happening.

I’m excited that I’ve come into the marketing field at the right time – when great content is key. Businesses are adapting to a consumer-driven environment. Nobody’s forced to watch ads anymore. We seek out what we want to read, so companies better make sure they’re creating engaging content.

Businesses have to produce content that consumers will seek out.

That means I don’t have to worry about being shady. I’m not in a career that’s trying to trick anyone. I love that search engines have made it difficult for companies to stuff a bunch of keywords onto a page that nobody wants to read in order to rank higher.

As Teressa Iezzi points out in The Idea Writers: Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era:

In the era of consumer control, consumers aren’t just consumers. They’re producers, they’re critics, they’re creatives … This is the essential shift that resulted from the digital revolution, and the essential truth that should inform the work of today’s copywriter.

Here’s to Marketing!

So, I’m excited about my future in marketing despite myself. Not only is there a huge push toward content that matters, but there are a lot of smart people to learn from out there, who are doing some really cool things.

Did I mention it’s fun? Umm, hello – social media marketing! I get paid to be on Facebook, Twitter and more. That’s crazy – and fun … and important marketing for every business.

Although I’m not saving the world (journalists like to think that’s what they’re doing – why do you think Clark Kent’s a reporter?) I’m still able to write and edit with a talented bunch of peers.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in my marketing endeavors, and I’d love to hear about yours. So, please, share some marketing inspiration!

Tracy McCarthy is the founder of Content Newsroom, a website dedicated to helping you get more customers through the quality content that your website visitors deserve and Google demands. A journalist turned Internet marketer, Tracy uses her writing and editing skills to help B2B and B2C businesses succeed with content marketing. She has done work for Content Marketing Institute, SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting, Brookstone and more, and has contributed to Kapost, ISOOSI and other industry-leading blogs.

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