How to Write a Compelling Lead Paragraph

(Note: I originally wrote this as a guest post that ran on the ISOOSI blog, which has since come down, so I’m publishing the post here.)

How to write compelling lead paragraphs - Content NewsroomYou’ve mastered the irresistible headline.

You’re driving visits!

But that’s not enough.

You need conversions. You don’t make the sale on brilliant headlines alone.

That’s where the lead paragraph (“lede paragraph” to you journos out there) comes in. You must craft a first paragraph that compels readers to continue.

That’s the only way to get them to take the next step and make a purchase.

How do you write the perfect lead?

Here are examples of leads using techniques that you can tailor to your audience.

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Newsroom Humor, the Right Kind of Sleaze & Content Marketing

Is the Content Newsroom for You?

Is Content Newsroom for You?Let me tell you about the Content Newsroom.

Not the formalities that you’ll find on the About page, but the culture of the site – and if you belong here. I’m sorry, but not everyone does.

Here’s the short list. This site’s for you if you want to improve your content marketing and:

  • You have a newsroom sense of humor (which you probably have to suppress if you don’t currently work in a newsroom).
  • You can tell sleazy jokes but aren’t sleazy. I’m not talking sexual sleazy; I don’t care what you do in the bedroom or a back alley. I’m talking the lying, weasely kind of sleazy. Ew.

If you’re thinking, “Perfect! That’s me!” you could stop reading because you fit in. But I recommend you continue reading so there isn’t any confusion about what’s allowed on the site.

If you’re not sure this site’s for you, or are just curious, read on.

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What Is SEO Copywriting? (+ Why You Need It)

SEO Techniques to Create Content Your Audience & Search Engines Love

What is SEO Copywriting?While improving your website content, you’ve come across the term “SEO copywriting.”

With a brow furrow, you think: I’ve heard of SEO, and I’ve heard of copywriting, but what is SEO copywriting? And why are there so many Internet marketing terms out there that I have to know anyway?

Although I can tell you what SEO copywriting is, I struggle with that second question, too! (Seriously, “content marketing,” “Internet marketing,” “inbound marketing?” And those are all just types of marketing! Sometimes, it feels like driving in Boston. Anyway … )

Let’s get right down to it.

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